Tzatziki Recipe

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Nothing says spring like an abundance of cheap cucumbers.  I fell victim to that supermarket marketing troupe “X for a $1”  In my case it was 7 cucumbers for $1.  Shopping tip:  If it says 7 for $1, you don’t have to get 7 unless it tells you that you have to for the price.  You could buy just 1 cucumber for $0.142857142857.

Although I knew that, I figured I can try to find different ways to prepare cucumbers, and today we have tzatziki.  It’s cool, tangy, and kind goes great on anything and is incredibly easy to make.

Tzatziki (Serves a bunch)  Prep time 15 minutes

Cucumbers:  2x Peeled, seeded, and diced.
Yogurt, plain:  2 Cups.
Lemon:  1x
Garlic:  3 Cloves, chopped.
Fresh dill:  1 Sprig minus the stem, chopped (Don’t leave out the dill)
Salt:  To your liking.
Pepper:  To your liking.

If you have a food processor, then this will be super easy for you.  Prep time would even be less than 15 minutes.  You don’t need to do any of the chopping I instructed above in the ingredients section.  Start with the garlic cloves.  Throw those in first and chop until fine.  When that’s done, add the cucumber and process till you don’t see big chunks.  Finally, add the juice of the lemon, yogurt, and dill and process to incorporate it all together.  Season with salt and pepper.  Place in a container and let it sit for at least an hour.  I think it tastes best cold, anyways.

I do not like using my food processor because I hate cleaning that thing so I chopped everything by hand.  By doing it by hand, you get nice little surprise pieces of cucumber that you bite into.  I like that.

Okay, now that you made tzatziki, what do you do with it?  Outside of a Mediterranean meal, I like it as a dip for vegetables, a dip for French fries or chips, a spread on a sandwich, and it makes a great salad dressing.  I even used it as a replacement for mayonnaise for potato salad and it turned out pretty good.

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