What I Did With Burgers and How I Kept it Interesting

2015-04-17 12.53.09

A bit of time ago I was running around town getting errands done, I forgot to have lunch and a burger sounded really good.  Along the way I was thinking about the burger joints that I frequent and they were out of the way.  What was in my way was a supermarket.  The phrase “don’t shop hungry” nagged at me once again as I pulled into the parking lot.  I had to put my blinders on and focus on just getting stuff to make burgers and nothing else.  No fancy stuff, either.

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Earthy Vegetable Broth

2015-04-15 08.57.14

A little thing about me.  I don’t care for wasting food.  Food is expensive and I hate throwing away what I could cook or eat.  When I cut up a chicken, I end up cutting the carcass apart and putting it in a container along with the wing tips and neck in a container and freezing it for stock or broth later.  It then dawned on me when I was washing and prepping some kale and was just about to throw away the stalks I thought, “I can save these for later.” Continue Reading


Tomato with Egg

2015-04-23 19.36.02

A weird thing happened in Los Angeles last week.  We saw clouds.  It was gloomy for like three straight days.  It even rained for almost a full five minutes.  That got me thinking about comfort food and I started rummaging through my fridge.  I started pulling out a few stray tomatoes I forgot I had in the drawer, half an onion from a previous recipe, and the last lone egg in the carton.  By themselves, each ingredient is not enough of anything, but together they can make a nice Chinese comfort food dish. Continue Reading